Maiden, Mother, Crone Moons of the Goddess
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Stand now at a portal, a gateway to a vast and little understood realm. Here is the Edge of Knowledge. Out There stretches the Unknown... Beyond infinity... forever through eternity... Will the path followed descend through the depths of Insanity???... Or will it rise to heights of Enlightenment ???... Often the shaman must experience them both! A circle is cast... Guiding spirits watch over and guide our progress. The portal is open. Is your mind? Leap now into the Void, into the far reaches of intellect and imagination, senses and extrasensory perceptions... into the dominions of spirit and holiness, philosophy and religion, what is...and what may be.

Gaze out over a growing, changing universe... and begin to understand...

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Sanctuary of Brighid, cyber-Altar of the Goddess
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All must pass through the Cauldron of Cerridwn before rebirth!
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