my beloved spouse, Marina Brown
  my-self, Laura S deGrey

Sekhmet and Bast are well represented in this household. Although dear Pennifer passed on to the Summerlands, March 1, 2000, her presence is still felt around the house. Kylee, regal 9 year old Scottish Fold is currently the ruler, though young (1 yo) Berni is hyper-energizing his way firmly into position as Kylee's second-in-command. 8-)

Gazing from the front porch of our apartment, a year-round rental of a summer (i.e. no insulation) mountain lodge... the cats are grateful that we keep the woodstove going all winter!!! Then are we!!! In fact, Pennifer used to warn us when it got too cold for her....


Berni (curious, aware, hyper-active at 9 weeks) Berni - Kitten of Chaos Beloved ghost-kitty seeking warmth by the woodstove Pennifer - Prowling with Sekhmet Kylee (9 y.o. and owns the place) Kylee - Inscrutable Master of the Realm
Spirit cat gallops across the Heavens
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