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moon cycles Bright Blessings!! Welcome to the domain of earthturtle, a realm of arcane and wonder-full knowledge. Truths of Ancient Days, and those of Nights to Come... Portals to Worlds Real to All...and to Realms only known to a few. A Realm somewhere deep inside my mind... (and now, inside yours too). All i can offer you is my Love, my Knowledge, and my Viewpoint...and these i offer Freely. For ultimately,

Reality is All a Matter of One's Perspective!!!

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And this is how i see it...

I Was Born Into This World To Tell The Story Of A Life
And To Listen To The Tales That Others Have To Tell

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I am Laura deGrey, a spirit passing through this earthly realm; learning, seeking knowledge, and teaching that knowledge to others. i am ariadne...weaving dreams and, alas, some nightmares, into this ethereal web. Too, i am earthturtle; ill and disabled with nerve damage, but not helpless... The need to use a wheelchair for outside mobility has slowed me down somewhat, but i am finding new doors have opened.

I am female, a Woman in my mid-40s... with a Transgender history... Founder of the Global TransGendering , June 1996... Seeker of Truth, Justice and Love... Feline-Fan Extreme!!!....... Gallae Priestess and Witch, apparently a Wisewomyn, Flame Keeper of Brighid, interfaith minister.... Klila Bat Sarah v'bat Avraham... Retired WebSite Designer... Gender Activist... Disability Activist... Anti-HMO Activist... Sometimes a Royal Bitch... Always ready with a Crying Shoulder... Dispassionate Observer---Passionate Listener....!!!

Laura's Cove, my cyberspace realm, has been in existence on the Internet since 1994. The Cove has gone through many changes since then, but still offers something of a Retreat, a SANCTUARY from the Cares of A World Going mAd. Within the Cove are various libraries and resources, pages of poetry and of not-so-humble opinions, points of life and experience given from my unique perspective, for i am the ONLY person i can truly speak for... Exposing portions of my Reality, Placing part of my Life on Display... Know that my REALITY is not that different from any other, but my PERSPECTIVE very likely is. In these pages i open the Book of Laura's Life and Times, my Book of Shadows, for any and all to Read.

Through my life, the Goddess has sustained and educated me. Times have been ecstatic and joyful; times have been excruciating and depressing; the passage of time has proved accurate that "when the student is ready, a teacher will come." My teachers over the years have spanned the spectrum. Some are stories told aloud around the hearth, and scrolls and books, the written consciousness of many thousands of years. Other teachers have been people, in situations inspiring deep reflection, mulling over the lessons learned. Even others have been the bobcat and the coyote, the turtles and the geese... totem spirit Animals and powerful Elementals of this realm, and the spirit realm beyond. In my way, i will speak of these within this website... in the heartfelt hope that those who read, may apprehend and comprehend whatever wisdom is to be gleaned from my life. Is that not the purpose of one's life? To learn, and then to teach?

Welcome into my Hearth, my Home, my Website and my Thoughts! I ask no-one believe all i say is the whole truth, for it only is as much of the truth as i am privy to. Nor should any jump to conclusions based on the stereotypes and prejudices, for in many ways they prove faulty and don't really describe the truth. I ask that you who read my words make the attempt to view things from my perspective, for only this short time, and learn how it is that i see the world. All i ask of your visit is Respect for ideas and beliefs that may be different from your own. Then, go forth into your life with my blessing, and my prayers.

I have sought to make this website both creative graphically and accessible to text-based and adaptive technology. Thus I've simplified my graphics usage and mixed in only a few bells and whistles ...(here and there) ;->

Klila Love and Hugses....Laura

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