transparent spacer One who is steeped in Virtue
is akin to the new-born babe.
Wasps and Poisonous serpents do not sting it
nor fierce beasts seize it
nor birds of prey maul it.

Its bones are tender
Its sinews soft
But its grip is Firm.

It has not known the union of the male
and the female.
Growing in its wholeness,
and keeping its vitality in its perfect integrity.
It howls and screams all day long
without getting hoarse
Because it embodies perfect harmony.

To know Harmony is to know the Changeless.

To know the Changeless is to have insight.

To hasten the growth of life is ominous
To control the breath by the will
is to overstrain it.
To be overgrown is to decay.

All this is against Tao
and whatever is against Tao
ceases soon to be.

The Cat is Tao
Sacred Circles

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