transparent spacer cadet In the mirror of the soul
 i look and see my... self
What is it that i see?

A small and insignificant spark
 of some mighty spirit fire
Yet, that spark is me....

Not this body  frail and gross
But something deeper, perhaps divine...

A Searcher for the Absolute
 whatever that may be
And some façades are what i find...

Don't talk to me of G_D or gods
 don't speak of evil or daemons
For talk is all i hear...

Neither harp of heaven's glories
 nor threaten me with hell
For talk is all i hear...

This spark of Life is all i know
this single conscious-ness
this " i "

And the rest is all...

28 March 1986

transparent spacer cadet
rainbow hues

the fool

An Actress all's i've ever been
Tis likely all i'll be
A player on this stage called Life
and doing it for free...

A jester held for ridicule
a fool before the king
a harlequin in motley garbed
i dare to even sing...

Watch me dance and prance for you
laugh with all your might
for you, i act so witless
and make a silly sight...

And suffer i your hoots and jeers
as slowly burns your soul
i hide a sadness in my heart
while watching you turn foul...

For i hurt none and seek to please
with songs and tales of cheer
yet thou drawst sword on high
to fill the hearts with fear...

So look upon me carefully
a mirror bright and cruel
and ask yourself with honest truth...

Who is the greatest fool?

28 March 1986

Where the Giants Walk

rainbow hues
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