In Loving Memory

Our beloved fur-purrson, Pennifer, had a very long (about 20 years), much-loved life which ended early in the morning of March 1, 2000.

Beloved Pennifer

Pennifer...Sweet, Vocal, Tiny.

Pennifer's kidneys failed on her, and she spent a weekend in the fur-purrson hospital recuperating. However, one kidney was gone, and the other could not maintain her. She spent a few more weeks at home with us, enjoying her favorite pastimes...basking by the wood-stove and "snacking" on the newest member of the family...Bernie-kitten. But on the morning of February 29, leap-day, she collapsed. Throughout the day and night, we cared for her; always reminding her how much we all loved her. About 4 am or so, the Goddess claimed back her little one, leaving us heartbroken.

She saw the new millenium begin with us, but alas, she never made it to our promised land... Manitou Cairns. alive. However, her body is buried in an honored place there.

We will miss you, Pennifer. You are in our memories forever.

Please visit her memorial at Rainbow Bridge.

Seal-Point Himalayan

Marina's wonderful fluff-muffin consisted of 15 percent cat...and 85 percent fur-coat! She's gotta be the lightest feline we've known yet. And demanding!!... when she wanted something, she let you know..and know...and know.
The Inscrutable Pennifer Uh-ohh... the kitten's on her radar!!!

Pennifer Warms by the Woodstove One PURRRRRRING Himmy
Now..tell me... Is this one happy cat? You can hear her purr in the next county. 8-)

Warming by the Woodstove
One pair of feline type creatures basking in the warmth of our woodstove

Pennifer and Kylee
Kylee's a little wary, since Penifer loves to play chase with him... and right after this shot, the pair went into rip-kitty mode.

Pennifer (ghost kitty) walking
Love Me...Love My Cat

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