One Cat Galloping
Kylee (Purrbiscuit) MacGregor
Shorthaired Scottish Fold

Kylee curled in one of his favorite places...upon a wool blanket
WARM!!! Kylee Basks on a Wool Blanket

Zen and the Art of Being Kylee
Zen and the Art of Being Kylee

Kylee Swatting Marina
"S...NACK!!! Easy on those CLAWS! OK?" Ky and Marina

Young Kylee
Xenium Kylee P. MacGregor at age 4
Kylee is one of the sweetest felines I have ever known...and I've been friends to quite a few. Now over six years old, he's such a loving, contented fellow that he earns his name (Purrbiscuit) daily.

Such a sweet, loving CUTE kitten
Kylee at about 4 to 6 weeks old.
This photo from the breeder convinced me that he was the kitten I wanted.

He sports the distinctive ear folds of his breed, and conforms to breed specs quite closely. At first, I planned on showing him, so I purchased him from a reputable breeder. All of his ancestors to eight generations (that I know of) have been Champion or Grand Champion.

Kylee-age 2-1/2 years
Kylee, age2-1/2, playing his favorite game...
Hide 'n' Go Pounce

I don't usually buy critters, though...Usually I rescue them from the streets or the ASPCA.
But wherever they come from, I've found my feline companions to generally be sweet and lovable....even Maus (but that's another story)

One Cat Walking
Love Me...Love My Cat

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