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                                 September 5, 1997 
Ms. Stephanie Potter
(personal address line #1 omitted) (personal address line #2 omitted) Dear Ms. Potter: Pursuant to your letter of September 3, 1997, I am unable to provide you with a medical excuse for disability. I believe that the weakness in your left leg is a stress related symptom. MRI scans of the neck and thoracic spine are being done to confirm that there is no organic cause for this condition. Due to the absence of neurological disease on my examination, I am unable to provide you with medical justification for disability. Please call either Dr. Ratcliff (sic) or Dr. Barcevac for this purpose. Yours sincerely, (signature) Roger Behar, M.D. RB/hr
This is an accurate and true transcript of the letter received from Dr. Roger Behar. Parenthetical items are one of the following: personal information I don't want broadcast throughout the Internet; misspelling of name or; cursive signature.- Certified, 09 September 1997, Laura S. Potter

My Responses to Letter Above
In notes left at two of his offices, I had asked Dr. Behar simply to extend an expiring three-month determination of physical disability until he could complete his evaluation. That extension could easily have been 30 days, 60 days, another three-months...whatever he felt was appropriate.
His "examination" consisted of a cursory look at an MRI film; a few reflex taps on my knees, and twisting my arms and legs a couple of times. Nor did he consider any pre-existing conditions, such as a history of epilepsy, and/or previous head or back injuries. He believes this to be "psychosomatic" and ordered further MRIs to "confirm" his diagnosis. This despite: prior verification of ruptured disc and scar-tissue irritation; as well as previous diagnosis of nerve disruption due to suspected hip/sciatica involvement.

Is the order significant? Dr. Henry Ratliff is a psychiatrist who has treated me for depression. The diagnosis of Depression was made in August 1997. Some of the physical diagnoses were made as far back as September of 1996. It seems logical that one of the primary physicians (Dr.'s Schwartz and Joy), or any of the specialists, would have recommended mental health evaluation had they suspected any problem of that kind. NONE DID! Dr. Ratliff does not believe that I am mentally disabled; and did not even prescribe a very mild anti-depressant until he was certain no other physician's treatments would be in conflict. He and his organization were instrumental in clearing red-tape for me to see Dr. Behar in the first place.
Dr. Jivani (Dr. Barcevac's partner) will not handle the disability issue solely because "it was another doctor that put you (me) on disability." A doctor in NYC who I cannot see now because of USHealthcare's own rules.

I've been with Faulkner & Gray Inc., and the company it bought out-National Mortgage News, since 1989. I was placed on disability because severe pain and the effects of pain medication made it difficult, if not impossible, to perform my functions as Online Services Manager. I lost that employment on August 25, 1997 because F&G could no longer hold my position open.

I filed a complaint against Behar with the New Jersey Medical Board. They ruled against me, calling it "unfortunate, but not malpractice."

Since then, I have been fully diagnosed with ruptured lumbar disc, herniated cervical disc(s), and multiple sclerosis-type symptoms caused by advanced Lyme Disease. I have been on disability for nearly two full years. I receive Social Security Disability with a three year re-evaluation cycle. However, it is not expected that I'll ever be able to come off of disability, though I hope to prove that wrong. As mentioned before, on other webpages, I am fighting quite a battle against both the effects of the Lyme Disease, and the Evil Corruption of the HMO system...specifically Aetna-US Hellcare.

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